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Basics of Active Directory

July 31st, 2011 1 comment

Active Directory:

Overview: Active Directory(AD) is a directory Service created  by Microsoft. Active Directory provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up the organization’s network. Active Directory gives you out-of-the-box functionality needed to stores all information and settings for a deployment in a central database and allows administrators to assign policies, deploy and update software.

Active Directory uses a number of standardized protocols to provide a variety of network services, including:

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP, the industry standard directory access protocol, compatible with many management and query applications. Active Directory supports LDAPv3 and LDAPv2.
  • Optional Kerberos-based authentication.
  • DNS-based naming and other network information.

Active Directory Benefits:

  • Integration with DNS:  Active Directory uses the Domain Name System (DNS). DNS is an Internet standard service that translates human-readable computer names (such as to computer-readable numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (four numbers separated by periods). Read more…

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